Who We Are

We are a German manufacturer of window automation products located in Thierhaupten, Bavaria. With over 40 years’ experience in the market, we produce high quality products at a fair price. Our aim is to make German quality affordable and guarantee a comfortable climate and safety in the event of a fire. We deliver from stock to reduce delivery times and ship our products worldwide, wherever a project needs to be implemented. Trusting in BTR products means simply trusting in the better products.

 Our Applications

Smoke and Heat Exhaust 

In case of a fire, most people die because of the smoke and not because of the flames. Smoke inhalation causes most fire deaths. Furthermore, smoke blocks the clear sight, hindering a fast exit from the building and makes firefighting more difficult. Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation saves lives and supports firefighters. RWA release toxic smoke by making use of a simple physical phenomena: heat rises. By generating ventilation openings through opening windows in the upper building area, hot gases can escape. Openings in the lower floor enables fresh air to enter the building, allowing breathing and a clear sight.

Natural ventilation

A hygienic air exchange is vital for a healthy and pleasant stay in a room and for effective working, learning or resting. Controlled natural ventilation uses the outside air as a natural resource and enables air exchange automatically. The autonomous system regulates oxygen levels, temperature and humidity to ensure a pleasant room climate. In addition, it protects the building from mould and saves energy costs.


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